We are two individuals who are in love with the city Wakkanai. We can offer you a nostalgic experience filled with memories on your personal trip to our city.

We are a team of professional who loves Wakkanai. We are proud of being very familiar with the city and Japanese culture.

Wakkanai Kimono Omotenashi Team was established by two individuals who are in love with the city of Wakkanai. One is a Kimono consultant and another is a Licensed English Speaking guide.

We felt sorry for that Wakkanai was considered just as an overnight stay city for travelers going to Rebun and Rishiri Islands in spite of its unique nature and history. 

Also, thanks to the increasing interests to the Japanese culture all over the world, many tourists from overseas visit Japan now. However, they have less opportunity to learn Japanese manner and culture from a professional.

Due to these circumstances, we started a Kimono walking tour for you to fully enjoy this city.

Since we are very familiar with the city and know a lot of wonderful points of it, we assure that you will discover something special in Wakkanai. You will learn its history and experience the Japanese way of life through our nostalgic tour.

We would love to help you discover something special in Wakkanai and Hokkaido. 

If you have any questions about Wakkanai, please feel free to ask us.

Extend your stay at Wakkanai and join our tour to experience a more impressive trip!