We would love to help you discover something special in Wakkanai and Hokkaido. 

If you have any questions about Wakkanai, please feel free to ask us. We’d be happy to create an interesting itinerary just for you.

Hitomi / Kimono Consultant

Hi! Nice to meet you.

I have taught how to wear a kimono for 28 years. I am also knowledgeable about the Japanese etiquette. So I can tell you the Japanese customs and graceful behaviors of the Japanese way.

Try not only wearing a Kimono but also enjoy walking around Wakkanai with us! I assure that you will experience the Japanese way of life through our nostalgic tour. The Japanese way of life is a simple life, but also very sensible and practical..

You will know these best-kept Japanese secrets once you join our tour!

Kimono Consultant (Certified by Public Interest Incorporated Association) 

Bridal Consultant (Certified by All Japan Bridal Association)

Food education instructor

Chie / English Licensed Guide-Interpreter

Hello! Nice to meet you.

I've lived and moved around Hokkaido for more than 20 years. This means I am very familiar with the prefecture.

I am also a forest instructor and one of the most informed and experienced English speaking nature guide.

I would love to help you discover something special which you can’t find just by looking at the map of Wakkanai and Hokkaido. I will make sure you will have unforgettable memories in Japan if you join out tour. 

Come to Wakknai and join us in our tour! See you soon!

Government Licensed Guide-Interpreter 

Licensed Forest Instructor 

English Teacher (Acquired qualification for TESOL in Australia)

Omotenashi(Hospitality) Expert