Japanese Culture workshops 

Experience traditional Japanese culture in the northernmost place of Japan.

It will be your special memory of your visit of Japan. 

【Applied to all workshops】

DATE: Every day (available upon request)

TIME : 4:00pm ~ 5:00pm  * Please note that we may not be able to meet your request.

COST: 500 yen per person

MEETING & ENDING POINT: JR Wakkanai Station 

yukata Dressing

Learn how to put on a yukata (light cotton kimono) properly and beautifully from a professional kimono stylist.

Japanese scented SACHET making workshop

Blend natural aromatic materials such as sandal wood, clove and cinnamon bark to create your own scent and make a pretty sachet made of kimono cloth as a memory of Wakkanai. 


Why don’t you try to draw a special postcard of Wakkani?

“Pasteria Calligraphy” is a great combination of Japanese calligraphy and pastel drawing.

【how to make a reservation】

  1. Send an email, a Facebook message or the contact form to check our availability to conduct the tour. Please also include your preferred workshop and date and the number of people joining the workshop. 
  2. We will confirm our availability by replying to your email as soon as possible.
  3. An English speaking guide will wait for you near the ticket gate of JR Wakkanai Station on the day of your workshop.

*Reservations should be made between 8:00am and 5:00pm, one day before the workshop.