【Tour Information】

Why not try walking around the northernmost city of Japan, Wakkanai, Hokkaido, wearing a Kimono and experiencing Japanese culture? Your professional kimono stylist will put a Kimono or Yukata on you properly so you can experience how it is to wear traditional Japanese clothes. A friendly English speaking guide will show you around the vintage Wakkanai city. During the tour, you can re-live the glory days of the Japanese Showa era and take great pictures wearing the kimono.


* This tour is available upon request. Please note that we may not be able to meet your request. Please make your reservation as soon as possible.

Departure:  9:30am or 1:00 pm *The starting time can be arranged by request.

Duration: 2:30-3:00 hours 

Number of people: 5 max 

Meeting Point: JR Wakkanai Station

Ending Point: JR Wakkanai Station


Tour Rate: 5,000 yen per person

* Please pay the guide in cash(Japanese yen only) at the meeting place before the tour departure on the day.

【Included in the tour】

Guide fee, Kimono stylist fee, Kimono Set (including Japanese sandals, Obi sash, and bag) rental fee

※When reserving, please let us know the gender, height , clothing and shoes size of all participating members. Reservations will be cancelled if the above information is not provided 2 days before the reserved tour date.

【Not Included in the tour】

Your transportation fee, shopping, Travel Insurance, Japanese Sweets

*Insurance is not included in the tour.  Please make sure to have your own insurance appropriate to your needs before joining the tour.


(1)JR Wakkanai Station

(2)Kimono Dressing

(3)Former Seto House

(4)Chuo Shopping Arcade

(5)Hokukmon Shrine

(6)Change / Return

(7)JR Wakkanai Station

※Depending on the pace and requests of the guests, the tour may or may not cover all of the above places.

(1)Wakkanai Station

Meet your friendly English speaking guide at JR Wakkani Station

(2)Kimono Dressing

Have yourself dressed up in a beautiful Kimono or Yukata by a professional Kimono stylist who will accompany you in the entire tour to make sure your dress looks great all the time.

(3)Former Seto House

  • A tour inside of the residence, “Registry of Tangible Cultural Property”. 
  • Relive the Japanese life style about 50 – 60 years ago.  
  • Take photos while in your kimono anywhere you want

(4)Chuo Arcade

  •  Stop by from store to store to find souvenirs and taste Japanese sweets.

(5)Hokumon Shrine

  •  Visit the northernmost shrine of Japan.

  • Learn how to pray at a shine and experience the Shinto rituals when available.


(7)JR Wakkanai Station

*Depending on the pace of the guests, the tour may or may not cover all of the above places.


1. Please send an email, a Facebook message or the contact form to check our availability to conduct the tour. 

Also include your preferred date, starting time, and the number of people joining the tour.

Please be reminded that we will need to confirm our availability by replying to your email.


2. Once you receive our confirmation please send the following information for each of the people joining the tour via email : gender, height, clothes and shoe size.


*Reservations should be made between 8:00am and 5:00pm, two days before the actual tour.